Athletics Betting Rules

The following are rules for betting on Athletes. Please note that these rules must be followed, to avoid the bets being void. The podium presentation will count as the result for settlement purposes. Any subsequent amendment(s) to the result does not count.

Event Winner 

Predict the winner of the final event. Bets are lost on any competitor who withdraws or takes no part (All bets stand principle).

Individual Heat Winner 

Predict the winner of an individual heat. If a competitor withdraws prior to the start, the entire market will be voided, and time permitting, a new market with revised prices, on the remaining athletes, will be formed.

Medals Won 

Predict the number of medals won. Results including settlement are determined by the official medals table for all events and after the final event medals ceremony. All competition events must take place, otherwise, bets will be made void unless the individual market result has already been determined.

Postponed or Abandoned 

If an event or any other competition is postponed or abandoned, bets will be void, unless the event is already completed.