Counter Strike: Global Offensive Betting Rules

Bets involving markets that are based on round count (Rounds Handicap and Total Number of Rounds), will be resulted based on the entirety of the map. That includes overtime if it is played.

In matches where the number of rounds is replayed, bets that were placed during those rounds that are replayed should be voided. A message will be sent to all customers with the approximate time window. In case the replayed round is a round that is already resulted, it should be manually re-resulted on customers’ end (e.g. team A won the pistol round but the round got replayed and team B won the replayed pistol round, which means that the correct result for the market is team B- Win). Again a message will be sent out if anything similar happens.

In case a team forfeits during a match all the markets that got a definite result will be resulted normally. All other markets will be voided and stakes refunded.

For bets involving markets: team to score a knife kill, team to score next kill, team to score a kill with HE and team to score a kill with Molotov/Incendiary Grenade, only kills against the enemy team will count. That means if a player is killed by a teammate, it will not count as a win in any of the mentioned objective markets.