DOTA2 Betting Rules

  • For bets involving towers, all destroyed towers count as having been destroyed by the opposing team, no matter how they were destroyed – player, minion kill or even denied (killing their tower, when it is on really low health to deny the enemy team the bonus the get from destroying the tower) by the team whose tower was destroyed.
  • For bets involving barracks, all destroyed barracks count as having been destroyed by the opposing team even if the last hit was from a minion or denied by the player whose tower was destroyed. The ranged and melee barracks in each pair count as separate barracks, so that each team has a total of six barracks.
  • For bets on First Blood, will be resulted according to the in-game announcement. It might not be the first kill of the game or if it is not announced it will be voided and stakes refunded. All other Kill markets will be resulted according to the in-game score. If kills by minions or creeps and towers increase the in-game score, then these counts as well towards those kill markets. If some kill market is not reached (i.e. Race to 20 kills), then these markets are then voided and stakes refunded.
  • For bets on Roshans, the team that scores the last hit on Roshan as determined by the broadcast or game API if available is deemed to have slain Roshan, regardless of the player who picks up the Aegis of the Immortal.
  • For bets on Game Time markets (over/under), markets are resulted according to in-game clock. Prehorn duration does not count towards total game time (since when players spawn the timer starts at about – 01:00 (minus 1 minute) and horn is sounded when the timer reaches 00:00 and the game time starts recording). If the game time is exactly xx:00, as was the market, then those bets are voided and stakes refunded.
  • For bets involving the next team to score a particular objective or the team to score the most of a particular objective, where a “neither” or “draw” option is offered and is the winning outcome, bets on either team are losers. Where no such selection is offered and neither team is a winner, all bets on the market are void and stakes refunded.
  • Where one team surrenders (calls a “GG”), bets stand and are settled as follows. For bets involving the map winner, the winning team is the team that did not surrender. Bets involving Roshans, barracks, kills, and towers are settled based on the situation at the time the ancient was destroyed (either by a player or after “GG” countdown as concluded and it destroys the ancient.