eSports General Betting Rules

  • Where an event involves the same two players or teams playing multiple games or maps, for example, “best of 3”, and one or more games or maps are not played because the result of the event has already been determined, bets on unplayed games or maps are void and stake refunded.
  • Dates and start times are shown for information purposes only and may not be accurate.
  • Where an event is canceled, postponed or interrupted and not completed within 48 hours of the originally scheduled start time, bets on that event are void and stakes refunded. However, games or maps that are completed within 48 hours are settled normally even if additional games or maps that were supposed to be part of the same matchup are canceled or further postponed.
  • Bets are settled based on the official broadcast of the game by the publisher or event organizer. Where the broadcast shows a counter of rounds won, kills, dragons, towers, etc., this will generally be used to settle relevant bets. If the result of a bet is unclear from the broadcast, or if there is no broadcast, then the statistics API for the game will be used where available.
  • In the case of indexed or numbered markets (such as the winner of a specific round in Counter-Strike: GO, or the team to score a particular numbered kill in League of Legends or DOTA2), the index determines the objective that counts. Words such as “next” in the market name are not guaranteed to be correct, as broadcasts may be delayed and we may not always advance the index precisely when an objective is scored or around completed. All bets are therefore settled on the particular numbered round or objective specified, regardless of any other wording in the market name or its timing in relation to when the bet was placed.
  • If the scheduled number of rounds or maps is changed, or if markets are erroneously offered based on a different number of rounds or maps from the actual scheduled number, then bets on the winning margin (including handicap), total rounds/maps, correct scores, etc. are void and stakes refunded. Map winner and matchup winner bets stand.
  • If any map is not played or is awarded to one player or team by walkover or default without play having commenced, all bets on that map and on the matchup as a whole are void and stakes refunded. Bets relating only to maps that are played stand. A map is deemed to have started as soon as the game clock starts or either team or player takes a game action relating to that map, including picks, bans, or makes purchases of any kind in the game.