LuckyBet Sports Betting Rules

These Betting Rules are inseparably linked to our Terms & Conditions, of which they form a part, and acceptance of these Betting Rules is a prerequisite to account registration. Any capitalized terms used herein which are not defined shall take their meaning from the Terms & Conditions. The minimum amount for a Bet is NGN 100 The maximum amount for a Bet differs between sports, leagues, and bets. The Player will see the exact value specified in the field where they enter the stake amount when placing a Bet. Luckybet makes no guarantee that any Bet placed within or for the maximum stake shall be accepted.
  • Luckybet reserves the right to refuse the whole or any part of any Bet request for any reason and at the Company’s sole discretion. Individual Bet requests may be reviewed and an alternative price or stake offered at the Company’s sole discretion.
  • Luckybet accepts Bets made online. Bets are not accepted in any other form (email, telephone, fax, etc.) and if received will be void, regardless of the outcome of the event betted on.
  • Luckybet reserves the right to refuse/cancel any Bet or part of a Bet before the game starts and to make ambiguous Bets void, without providing any justification.
Customers cannot cancel or change a bet once the bet has been placed and confirmed. We also reserve the right to correct obvious errors with the input of betting odds. In such cases, we could apply revised odds for final settlement on pre-live betting. Bets will be accepted up to the advertised start time. If a Bet is inadvertently accepted which includes an event after its start time, unless it is a live-betting event, the match/bet will be declared null and void. Irrespective of which betting odds format the Player selects for odds to be shown in the Customer account, all Bets will be settled based on American odds. Where Company has reason to believe that a Bet is placed after the outcome of an event is known or after the selected participant or team has gained a material advantage (eg. a score, sending off, etc.) we reserve the right to void the bet, win or lose. Luckybet reserves the right to cancel any Bets from customers who place money on an event where they are in any way involved, as participants, referee, coach, etc. 1.12  Luckybet reserves the right to withhold payment and to declare Bets on an event void if we have evidence that the following has occurred: (i) the integrity of the event has been called into question or (ii) match rigging has taken place. Evidence may be based on the size, volumes, or pattern of Bets placed with Luckybet across any or all of our betting channels. When an event is canceled, all related Bets will be void automatically and accounts refunded. If any match is abandoned due to injury, bad weather, crowd trouble, etc. all bets that have already been settled up until the time of abandonment will stand. For example: If a football match is abandoned in the second half, all bets involving the 1st half will stand. What’s more, if there has been a goal scored, the first goalscorer market will stand, but the last and any time goalscorer Bets will be void. For tennis: if a player retires injured in the 3rd set, all Bets to win the 1st and 2nd sets will stand. Luckybet does not accept any responsibility for typing, human or palpable errors, which lead to obvious price errors. In such cases, all Bets will be deemed void. Multiple bets that combine different selections within the same event are not accepted where the outcome of one affects or is affected by the other. If such a Bet is taken in error, the Bet will be canceled. Luckybet offers you the ability to Bet in play on a variety of global sporting events and while we do make every effort to ensure all live betting information is accurate, there may be situations where such information is incorrect, due to delays or otherwise. When checking live betting odds, live event start times, or any other live event markets, please be aware that such information is provided as a guide only and we accept no liability for the outcome of any inaccuracies which may occur. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to check such information is accurate at the time of publication. The official result is final for settlement purposes except where specific rules state the contrary. The podium position in Grand Prix racing, the medal ceremony in athletics, and any similar official ceremony or presentation in other sports are to be treated as the official result. Winnings will be credited to the Customer’s account following confirmation of the final result. Luckybet reserves the right to void any or all Bets made by any person or group of persons acting in an attempt to defraud the Company. Luckybet reserves the right to void any bet that may have been accepted when the account did not have sufficient funds to cover the Bet. If an account has insufficient funds as a result of a deposit that has been canceled by the payment processing party, Luckybet reserves the right to cancel any bet that may have been accepted retroactively. The maximum total winnings to any customer on any calendar day for bets placed with Luckybet are NGN 10,000,000 or equivalent (hereafter the “Maximum Daily Payout”) if the bet is placed within the state borders of Lagos State and NGN 40 000 000 if the bet is placed outside Lagos.

Fraud and Collusion:

A number of Bets may be treated as being one when a Customer places multiple copies of the same Bet. When this occurs all bets may be voided apart from the first Bet struck. A number of Bets that contain the same single selection may be treated as being one. When this occurs all Bets may be voided apart from the first Bet struck. An example would be where one particular selection is repeatedly included in multiple bets involving other short-priced selections. Where there is evidence of a series of Bets each containing the same (or very similar) selection(s) having been placed by or for the same individual or syndicate or individuals, Luckybet reserves the right to make Bets void and suspend relevant accounts. This rule applies to both settled and unsettled bets. If the player has played in a professional capacity, or in tandem with other Customer(s) as part of a club, group, etc., or placed bets or wagers in a coordinated manner with other Customer(s) involving the same (or materially the same) selections; in this instance, the Company further reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to restrict the total maximum payout for the combined total of any such Bets, to the equivalent of the Maximum Daily Payout limit permitted for a single Customer (as outlined at section 18 above). Luckybet is for sole use on an individual basis and is intended for personal entertainment only. Luckybet allows only one account per person. Any subsequent accounts opened under the same postcode/personal details/IP address which are found to be related to any existing account may be closed immediately and any Bets will be voided at Luckybet’s discretion. Luckybet reserves the right to reclaim any winnings attained by these means and the Company reserves the right to withhold all or part of the balance and/or recover from the account deposits, payouts, bonuses, any winnings which are attained by these means.