How to verify?

Why should I add a document? 

Luckybet is obliged to proceed with the identification of all users, therefore Luckybet user has to add a document: passport, ID scan, driving license, home registry or any other ID document that will officially identify a user. 

Customer who has uploaded an ID document is not subject to different restrictions and has benefits such as withdrawals and participations to different promotions. 

How to upload a document? 

In the Personal Information click on the “Add Document” in the ID Documents section. 


  1. - Country
  2. - Document Type
  3. - Number of the document - Personal number, which is specified in your document


Fill in all the fields and click the “Confirm” button. 

To verify the status you need to upload a scanned version of the document. 

Click on the “Upload button” and select the document (jpg/png format) 

After uploading a document, our Security Services Depertment in Luckybet will verify your status resulting with “Verified” or “Unverified”.

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